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Our names are Nick & Grant and we are just your typical gay couple. We live in Tampa, Florida with our two adorable Puggles, Alvin and Theodore. We would like to let everyone in on our everyday lives and experiences. Follow our journey! 

Our First PRIDE

Throughout our entire lives, we have always been biased when it came to Pride. In our minds, Pride is supposed to be a time and a place to celebrate those who have sacrificed everything so that we can live in a society that is LGBTQ+ inclusive. From our perspective, we thought that Pride was losing site of that vision and more people were focused on who they were going to sleep with and what their outfits looked like.

Our first Pride was this past weekend in Amsterdam. Not going to lie, we were nervous because we never thought that we fit in with stereotypical "gay culture". We got to the parade and tears came to our eyes. We saw a couple with their two younger kids, all holding hands, full of smiles and love. We then began to realize that Pride has a different meaning for everyone.

Pride for us is about remembering those before us and trying to create a better environment for those who come after us. We have never been in a place where we felt more love, support and positivity than PRIDE Amsterdam. The memories we shared and the friends that we have made from this trip will be ones that we remember for a lifetime. 

Our suggestion to you is to push yourself to go to a Pride if you have not already. Experience the love and embrace the culture that we have all fought so hard for. Always know that LOVE is never wrong and always be PROUD of who you are.

Relationships Are Not Always a Fairytale

Relationships are not always a fairytale. They take hard work, dedication and lots of communication. We constantly ask ourselves how our relationship is portrayed on social media.

The truth is, we are not perfect and nobody is, no matter what they say or do. Social media is constantly used by people to portray a lifestyle that is "ideal" and unobtainable. That is not who we are and we do not want to give off that vibe to people.

We fight, we argue and we debate all the time. That does not make our love unreal nor does it discount the importance or longevity of your relationship. It means that you are two completely different people with two different stories, coming together with one common goal...to grow as a couple and love each other more and more each and every day.

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Take the Stress Out of Your Wedding Day

If we could go back and change one thing about our Wedding Day, it would be....nothing. However, we would have worried a lot less if we knew what we know now. 

One of our biggest worries was the WEATHER! 2 weeks prior to our big day, the forecast showed that the chances of rain were at 100%. Not being dramatic at all, we monitored the weather every 15 minutes or so until our big day. We kept telling ourselves, "It's Florida, the weather is changing all the time!" That did not stop the thoughts running through our mind on how obnoxious we were to plan a wedding outside...in Florida...where it rains...all the time.

As we got closer, we met with our Wedding Coordinator who told us, "We need to look at indoor options because it looks like it is going to rain on your big day." After a brief moment of collapsing to the ground (not really, but time did seem to stop) we began to panic. Over a year of planning, countless dollars spent, and a vision gone all because of a little rain. We thought the biggest day of our lives was ruined and that's when it hit us.

Getting married to the love of your life is not about all the money you've spent or the plans that you made. It is about creating an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime in front of the people you love. Turns out, a bit of positive thinking went a long way! It misted for 45 seconds about 30 minutes prior to our ceremony and the weather turned out to be PERFECT! 

Remember that your special day is about that person you chose to walk down the aisle with. Whether you have to swim through a river of rain or skip through the sunshine, remember to control what you can control and everything will be just fine.

Should Kevin Hart Host the Oscars?

Earlier this week, we asked our Followers on Instagram whether or not Kevin Hart should or should not host the Oscars. Some believe that he deserves a second chance while others suggest that his hardships are well-deserved. On one side, Kevin tweeted something that was a meant to be a joke, but on the other hand, it was at the expense of the LGBTQ Community. So where do we stand on this topic?


We begin to evolve as individuals and as a Community when we start forgiving. Something that happened 10 years ago, over a series of tweets, does not shape the entirety of a person's nature. Kevin came forward then and he is coming forward now asking for our forgiveness. You mean to tell me that all of his critics, whom are metaphorically burning him at the stake, have never made a derogatory or discriminatory statement in their entire lives? We all have. We all make mistakes. We are human.

As human beings, we have to be able to forgive and move forward. As members of the LGBTQ Community, we do not hold something that one person said against them for the rest of their lives. Instead, those who are able to recognize their wrongdoings and apologize for them, we embrace them. This does not mean that every homophobic statement should go unpunished nor does it give people an excuse to demean any minority for any reason. Rather, it is building a foundation built off of Love and not Hate. So Kevin Hart, we accept your countless apologies and we hope to watch you on Hollywood's biggest stage, hosting the 2019 Academy Awards.

We are Officially...


Well it's official..we are now Married! We can not believe the journey we went on to get to this point. To think, almost 5 years ago we came across each other on Instagram. After getting to know one another for 9 short days, we decided to hop on a plane and move-in together. Call us crazy, but we think it worked out for the best.

People are always asking us if we feel any different now that we are married...and to be honest, no. We knew a long time ago that we would spending forever together. When you meet someone that is not only your lover, but also your best friend, you just know and that is what we believe the trick is to an everlasting relationship.


What does the future hold for us? Now that the wedding is over, we are going take each day one step at a time. We can't wait to see what we will be able to accomplish in this first year of marriage and we can't wait to share that journey with all of you!

A Traditional Gay Wedding

Everyone keeps bringing up "tradition" and what that means to them. What tradition means to us is keeping our big day unique to Nick and Grant. We will be sleeping in the same bed the night before and we will be getting ready together the day of. Some people call it bad luck, but who needs luck when you have love. 

 Another Wedding faux pas is having someone, other than the bride,  wear white. Well guess what? Neither one of us are a bride, therefor all of our guests are required to wear white and we will be in a color that is not black (surprise reveal on December 1st).  

Many people say that the Wedding is about the guests and their experience. For us, this is true however our main goal for our big day is to find moments to take a step back, cherish every moment, and spend the day with our friends and family as they join us on our journey to becoming husbands. 


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